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Flush Joint Casing

Tight clearance downhole requires a connection strong enough to do the job without a coupling. Inter-Mountain Pipe Co. has sixteen years of experience in helping our customers solve a variety of such problems in some very hostile downhole environments. Whatever thread you choose, we'll make the necessary crossovers and lift subs and we will provide it in the lengths you need.

Inter-Mountain Tapered Flush (IMTF) was designed so that the torque required to make the connection would resist back-off during core drilling. Inter-Mountain Speed Casing (IMSC) features less taper (and thus less torque). As the name implies, fewer threads per inch allow faster make-up. Also, Diamond Core Drill Manufacturers Association (DCDMA) "W" series threads are available.

Other customer-driven original designs include Inter-Mountain Modified Sonic (IMMS), a coarse drill pipe thread form which has been used for dry coring as well as casing, and Inter-Mountain Rope Thread (IMRT), developed for use with casing driver/advance systems and usually ordered in a left-hand version. Both provide greater load-bearing surface area and are particularly suited to heavy wall alloy steels and the applications which call for their strength.


Selected Flush Joint Data
(other sizes and threads available)




3 1/2" IMNW 2.99" 4
4 1/2" IMTF 4.00" 6
4 1/2" IMSC 4.00" 3
4 1/2" IMHW 4.00" 4
5" IMHW 4.28" 4
5 1/2" IMPW 4.95" 3
5 1/2" IMSC 4.95" 3
6 5/8" IMMS 5.92" 4
6 5/8" IMRT 5.68" 2
8 5/8" IMRT 7.62" 2




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